China is facing a foreign policy crisis

Andrei Lungu | 25 September 2022

Last year, the Chinese Communist Party passed a historical resolution that, in part, said: “China has broken new ground in its diplomatic endeavours amid profound global changes and turned crises into opportunities amid complex situations on the international stage. These efforts have resulted in a marked increase in China’s international influence, appeal, and power to shape.”

This view isn’t held only by the elite. According to a recent poll, 78 per cent of Chinese believed China was viewed favourably abroad. Unfortunately for the country, the truth is more depressing.

Over the past five years, China’s international image and appeal have deteriorated. China is increasingly criticised around the world and there are few countries whose relations with Beijing are stronger today than in 2016, with the notable exception of Russia.


This article has been published in the South China Morning Post. You can read the full article on the SCMP website.

Photo Credits:  Flickr/Mike Rosenberg


Andrei Lungu​

Andrei Lungu is president of RISAP. His research interests include China’s foreign policy and its domestic politics, Sino-American relations and the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific.

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